• Parents of the scholarship applicant or the scholarship applicant receive BEK Fiber-based services
  • Scholarship applicant must be majoring in Mass Communication or Computer Information Systems
Key Dates
  • AWARD NOTIFICATION first Monday in May
Application Checklist
  • Confirmation of BEK Fiber-based services
  • Completed Application
  • Essay on how technology has changed your life

BEK Communications Technology Scholarship – University of Mary


  1. Application Process/Requirements

    The BEK Communications Technology Scholarship is awarded to customers receiving BEK Fiber services based upon their demonstrated levels of community service and proven academic, leadership and degree program success.

    • All applicants must submit a completed BEK Communications Technology Scholarship Application (TSA).

    • Scholarship applicants must be a U.S. citizen and receive BEK Fiber-based services at the time of the application. BEK Fiber services must be provided to the parents of the student applicant if the student is a dependent of the parents; or must receive BEK Fiber services as an individual if they are no longer a dependent of their parents as filed in the most recent federal tax filing.

    • Scholarship applicants must have a 3.0 cumulative grade point average or higher and must be a full-time student (minimum of 12 college credits) majoring in Mass Communication, Computer Information Systems or Cyber Security with a strong affinity to:

      • Academics
      • Entrepreneurship
      • Degree program success
  2. Deadlines for consideration

    BEK Communications TSA and all requisite academic transcripts and documentation are accepted for one month each academic year and are subject to firm deadlines established. Submitted applications will be reviewed for eligibility and awarded for the next academic year.

    Applications accepted from February 1 – March 1.
    Award notification is the first Monday in May.

    This BEK Communications Technology Scholarship Application will be used to determine awards and will be administered by the University of Mary and BEK Communications. This application, any requisite academic confirmations and documentation, must be received by the deadline above.

    This application is valid for one (1) academic year.

  3. Selection Process/Criteria/Committee

    There are two steps in the BEK Communications Technology Scholarships selection process:

    Step 1:

    The University of Mary selection committee will accept no more than five (5) fully qualified applications/nominations for the BEK Communications Technology Scholarship from students/faculty within the Departments of Communication and/or Computer Information Systems majors. The selection committee will conduct final interviews and two (2) applicants will be selected. The selection committee will report their recommendations to the BEK Communications Cooperative Board of Directors no later than April 1 each year.

    Step 2:

    BEK Communications Cooperative Board of Directors will review the candidates at the first monthly board meeting following the delivery of the University of Mary selection committee's recommendations, scoring, and applications, and provide final approval on or before May 1 each year.

    Selection Committee

    The University of Mary selection committee for the BEK Communications Technology Scholarship will consist of the Vice President for Public Affairs, a Communication and/or Gary Tharaldson School of Business faculty member, and the Scholarship Coordinator. The selection committee will conduct the final interviews, and ensure that all applicant guidelines were followed according to the BEK Communications Scholarship procedures.

    Scholarship Award

    Award amount: $1,250 per recipient

    Number of awards: 2

    Length of award: One academic year

    Selection made by: University of Mary Selection Committee

    Final approval by: BEK Communications Cooperative Board of Directors