Built On Cooperative Values

Person to Person. Neighbor to Neighbor. Cooperative to Member. BEK Communications is – and always has been – here to serve.

Member Information

Thanks to our members, BEK Communications Cooperative has been connecting and serving North Dakota communities for 70 years. Members aren’t just customers of our services, they’re owners of the Cooperative, and their focus is membership and service… not profit.

Just like any business, BEK is required to keep updated records on our members. This information is necessary to provide service, evaluate credit and pay out any potential capital credits to members.

We thank you for being a BEK member, and we value you playing an active role in the way your communications services are managed and community is served.

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Rewarding Outstanding Students

If you're headed to college, or if you are already a student at the University of Mary or Valley City State University, our scholarships might be a good fit.
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Community Partnership Program

For BEK, improving our community and non-profit organizations just makes common sense.
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Capital Credits

Find all the Capital Credit forms and applications you need at the link below!

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