Wholehome WI-FI

You're Covered Wall-to-Wall, Foundation-to-Attic

If you’ve ever experienced dead spots in your wireless internet coverage — in the laundry room, across the house from the router, or simply while walking room to room — you want BEK WholeHome.

WholeHome for the Whole Home

BEK WholeHome gives you Wi-Fi coverage like never before:
  • Wander around the house with mobile devices and never lose connection.
  • Watch movies or listen to music in any room on any floor.
  • Use home automation like thermostats, robotic vacuums and smart lighting.
  • Be confident your indoor security sensors and cameras have reliable connections.

The Price of Wireless Freedom

One low monthly subscription covers everything you need. Save yourself the stress, extra expenses, and support calls that come with alternative wireless equipment and installation.

Workshop Wi-Fi

High-speed Wi-Fi for outbuildings. Exceptional wireless internet for your barn, garage, shed or shop. Learn more

What You Get

The monthly fee covers:
  • Powerful, high-performance, managed router
  • Installation, setup, and testing
  • Up to two extra wireless access points for larger homes
  • Wi-Fi coverage assessment to ensure you have a strong wall-to-wall, foundation-to-attic signal
  • 100% Local BEK Service and support

No Matter Where You Are, We're Local

Forget about calling a nameless, faceless person across the country or around the world. Our technicians are local, and you can also contact us any time. We'll take good care of you quickly.

Free Consultation

Want to blanket your home in a seamless Wi-Fi experience? Schedule your free consultation today!