BEK Lightband

Next-Level Internet Service. Right Now.

Get the fastest, most reliable high-speed internet available anywhere, right here in North Dakota – BEK Lightband.

Gigabit Speeds

Upload, download, stream, do business and be the envy of gamers everywhere. Whether you live on a farm or in town, or if it’s for your home or business, our state-of-the-art fiber-optic network gives you the future of connectivity right now.
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Unlimited Data

Not all fiber optic service providers are equal. We never throttle speeds or use bandwidth caps. BEK Lightband unlimited data means you can stream, surf, game and work all day, every day.
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Gigabit-Speed Internet for Your Home

500 Mbps | 1 Gig | 2.5 Gig – Our baseline speed is faster than the upper ranges of most internet providers. A full 2.5 gigabits? That just blows them off the track. What’s it cost?

Fiber: Our High-Speed Internet Backbone

The foundation of our internet service is the BEK Fiber network. In 2019, BEK was recognized with three BroadbandNow awards: Top Internet Speeds Nationwide, Top 3 Fastest Internet Providers in North Dakota, and #1 Faster Fiber Provider in North Dakota. When you use BEK Lightband, you’ll experience minimal latency and nearly absolute dependability.

Latency? Not So Much.

The lower the latency, the faster you get the content that matters most. There’s very little latency on BEK Lightband, so your download and upload speeds stay super high and lag is super low.

Online All the Time

Your BEK Lightband connection is entirely for you. You don’t have to share it with your neighbors like cable service, there’s never a slowdown when the local cellular tower is inundated with traffic, and stormy skies won't interrupt your connection like satellite internet service.

WholeHome Wi-Fi

Dead spots in your house? Never again with BEK WholeHome Wi-Fi. When you subscribe, you get the Wi-Fi coverage assessment, optimal wireless router placement, and up to two wireless range extenders to blanket your entire home in wireless freedom.
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Refer-a-Friend for an Easy C-Note

You can earn $100 every time you refer a friend and they sign up for one or more of our services. A $100 credit will show up on your bill the month after your friend activates their service. Easy-peasy!


Broadband Assistance

The Lifeline Program provides a discount for qualifying low-income consumers on telephone or broadband services to ensure that all Americans have the opportunities to connect to jobs, family and emergency services. Contact Us