BEK Freedom App

Take Control of Your Wi-Fi Experience.

You set the rules, we'll enforce them.

The BEK Freedom app is included with your BEK Lightband Ultimate Wi-Fi experience. It manages all your family's devices and content access, and offers customizable online safety.

Download the BEK Freedom app today in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Protection Features

Whole home network security protects you from web threats, viruses and malware. The BEK Freedom Protection features keep intruders out. Your devices are important to your life. This app is your 24/7 internet watchman. With multi-layered protection, even your most vulnerable devices like smartTVs, thermostats and Wi-Fi cameras are protected before issues happen.
  • Monitor blocked threats, intrusions and viruses
  • Keep track of your connected devices to ensure they are protected.
  • Get real-time alerts about network threats.
  • Perform security scans on all your devices.

Parental Control Features

Family internet content and screen time control.
  • Wi-Fi Devices at Home
    Game systems, smart TVs, phones, computers, tablets
  • Custom settings by family member
  • Screen time limits
  • Usage & History
  • Safe Search
  • Content filtering
  • Preset off times
  • Pause devices
  • Bedtimes
  • Device and Activity Priorities