Home & office battery backup

Protect Your Connection

Home and office battery backup solutions during a power outage.

When The Power Goes Out

If your home or business loses power, you may also be
without phone service. You can not connect to family
and friends during poor weather. You may not be able
to call 911 for an emergency.

Backup power for your corded phones* gives you
peace of mind that your family and emergency help is
always available.

Installing a battery backup keeps your phone service
running for up to eight hours if your premises loses
power. BEK Communications can install and take care
of your voice service battery backup.

Stay Connected

Subscribing to a battery backup for your phone service
ensures you stay connected during power interruptions.



  • FREE Installation and Initial Testing
  • 100% Warranty Coverage
  • No User Maintenance Required
  • FREE Battery Replacement after 4 Years or as required

If you want or need more than 8 hours, we offer a 24 - hour
battery backup solution for only $4.99 per month.

*May not apply to cordless phones.