BEK 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting Preview Video

BEK TV has produced an informational Annual Meeting Preview video featuring BEK board of directors president Brett Stroh and cooperative attorney Monte Rogneby from Vogel Law. The video explains the procedural process and reasons for holding a virtual annual meeting, as well as discussion regarding the proposed bylaw amendments.

BEK will televise the video Sundays at noon and 7:00 p.m. on KNDB/KNDM, BEK digital channel 2/1002 in the west and KRDK, BEK digital channel 4/1004 in the east. As well as frequently on BEK digital channel 28/1028 in the west and 29/1029 in the east.

You can also view the video below, or on our YouTube channel at your convenience, by clicking this link.

Annual Report

The 2019 annual report will mail on the 22nd of May. You should receive it around May 26th or 27th. Along with the expected 2019 financial and director reports, the annual report will also include sample ballots and the full meeting agenda so members can follow along during the virtual annual meeting broadcast. Click here for the digital version.

Member Voting

Member voting will be done by mail this year. Members will receive a ballot in the mail relative to their cooperative district.

On the ballot are sections for approving the 2019 annual meeting minutes, director election if applicable in your district, and approval of the three proposed amendments to the cooperative bylaws.

Familiarize yourself with the appropriate ballot for your district using the samples below.

District I Sample Ballot

District II Sample Ballot

District III Sample Ballot

District IV Sample Ballot

Members must sign and return ballots on or before June 5, 2020, for their vote to be counted.

All members who return a signed ballot by June 5th, 2020 will receive a $10 credit on their July bill.

Watching the Annual Meeting Broadcast

BEK TV will broadcast the virtual annual meeting live on June 11, 2020, at 7 p.m. on KNDB/KNDM, BEK digital channel 2/1002 in the west and KRDK, BEK digital channel 4/1004 in the east. Click here for full BEK TV schedule and channel listings.

The Annual Meeting will also be live-streamed on Facebook, YouTube, and the BEK website.

Q&A and Door Prizes

To accommodate our members' involvement during the broadcast of the virtual annual meeting, President Brett Stroh and CEO Derrick Bulawa will be available to answer questions submitted by members via the comment section on Facebook Live.

The annual door prize drawings will be part of this year's virtual meeting. Everyone who returns their signed ballot to BEK by June 5th is eligible for the door prize drawing.

BEK Kids Zoom

Immediately following the door prize drawing BEK will feature the giving of the kids prizes on a live Zoom.

Which 20 Coop Kids will be on the live broadcast? Watch and find out!