Nurse Call

Improved Efficiency and Response Times

BEK Nurse Call systems improve staff communication, response times and documentation.

Nurse Call System Types

We have a system that's ideal for your facility:
  • Basic tone visual systems
  • Integrated hardwired Nurse Call systems
  • Integrated wireless Nurse Call solutions

Customized Solutions

We visit your facility and take time to talk to you and your staff about what you really need. Then we customize every Nurse Call system to what you need, what your budget will allow and how you might need to expand it in the future.

Real Time Locating Systems

Accurate real-time location systems (RTLS) can help revolutionize and automate clinical operations empowering staff to focus on what matters most – delivering quality healthcare.

Real-time locating systems provide solutions such as staff duress, asset locating, Staff locating and wireless alerting across the entire healthcare continuum to help deliver quality care.

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Industry Leaders

BEK installs and maintains equipment from the industry’s pioneers and leaders.

West-Com Nurse Call Systems improve patients' safety, healthcare communications, and your clinical workflow across sites and campuses.

Systems Technologies Wireless Nurse Call and Emergency systems handle the most rigorous and demanding healthcare environments, including surgery centers, senior and assisted living, and acute care.

Sonitor RTLS Systems is the leading developer and provider of unique, ultrasound technology that locates people and items in real-time with the most reliable, high definition accuracy within complex indoor environments.

Accutech Wander Management allows at-risk residents the ability to move freely about the facilities while receiving the protection they, their families and the facility needs.

ZulaFly is an industry-leading software and enterprise platform solution that collects data from any disparate system and presents this data in a customizable, unified dashboard user interface. ZulaFly provides Workflow, Patient Wander, Locating & Wireless Alerting, Asset Management, Environmental Monitoring, Staff Safety & Locating, Staff Rounding, Hand Hygiene and Mobility throughout a single facility or across multiple campuses in a cloud-hosted environment. Real-time and historical reports are available, along with a robust rules engine that can notify anyone, anywhere of any event. ZulaFly creates numerous advantages in workflow and efficiency for professionals throughout the healthcare continuum.