Company Overview

Making Connections that Matter

Download, upload and game on faster than you ever have before. Cheer for your grandkids live, even when you can’t attend the game. Get up-to-date weather when storms roll over your farm. Earn an online degree or start a business. BEK is there, right beside you, through it all.

We connect you with competitively superior communications, entertainment, and cloud and data products and services, like:

Above all, you’re just a phone call or email away from local customer service that’s nearly unheard-of these days.

See how BEK can connect you to what matters in your life.

Proud Cooperative Roots

We began nearly 70 years ago as a rural telephone cooperative. Our original mandate was to connect rural communities through clear, dependable telephone service. We remain dedicated and strongly community-oriented, we’re still delivering reliable phone service and “cooperation” is still our central to our mission.

Today we go way beyond that.

Big-Time Services

Even though we’ve moved on to much more innovative, technology-based communications, cloud and data products and services – like internet service that’s among the fastest in North Dakota and unified communications solutions that connect companies’ phones, computers and equipment over multiple locations – BEK is still local.

Our employees live and work in the same towns you do; you might even run into them at the store or the post office from time to time. Bump into any BEK employee and they’ll be happy to talk about your experience with BEK, address any issues on the spot or just say “Hi!”

Small-Town Service

Along with that personable and friendly side, you’ll find we’re very serious about service. Our Customer Experience Advocates are empowered to address your questions and issues immediately, no management approval needed, and our technicians live close by so they can be at your home or business in minutes.

The BEK standard is legendary customer service that people generally associate with small towns and years gone by. Which, given who we are and where we’ve come from, suits us just fine.

Community Cooperation

Community is the heart of our mission. We strive to be a dependable corporate citizen, lending a hand to neighbors, schools and civic organizations. Every year, we donate thousands of dollars in grants, community outreach and economic development, sponsor events, provide branded materials for fundraisers, award scholarships to college-bound students and deliver free services to local government entities.

Connecting You to the Future of Communication, Cloud and Data Services

Future-proofing our network and services is a top priority.

BEK anticipated the need for gigabit-capable internet service at a time when a landline was still enough for surfing the internet. We started constructing our fiber-optic network in 2004 and spent the next 10 years building to every BEK cooperative community. Since then, we’ve expanded to rural Bismarck and Mandan as well as Valley City and the surrounding area.

We are one of the first internet providers in North Dakota to offer 1 Gbps (gigabit per second) service. And we are the first to offer 2.5Gbps.

Next up is 10 Gbps, and we’re already a long way down that road.

Bottom line: BEK Communications is always preparing for what’s next so you don’t have to. The result is that every experience you have with BEK will be exceptional, today, tomorrow and for years to come.