Marketing Support and Sponsorships

Raising Money or Planning an Event? Let BEK Pitch In!

BEK Communications loves helping groups and organizations that contribute to the well-being and vitality of the communities we serve. In fact, it’s part of our mission as a member-owned cooperative.

We support causes and events that encourage community cooperation, participation and spirit, as well as education and economic development through sponsorships.

Donations will be considered for Members or BEK Fiber customers who subscribe to any BEK Recurring Service, BEK term service agreements or who’s organization address is a Member, within the (5) District Cooperative service areas. They must be tax exempt, non-profit or community organization.


Requests to sponsor large events, items, or activities may require approval by the board of directors and may take longer to process. BEK may provide one or more of the following items and services as a donation, and all are done only at BEK’s discretion. Material costs and human labor are factored into each donation decision.
  • Cash Donations

    BEK Marketing manages cash donations of $500 or less. Donations, sponsorships, or partnerships that total more than $500 are managed directly through BEK Leadership.

  • BEK Cups & Napkins

    BEK may donate up to 1,000 logoed cups and/or napkins to public entities such as churches, schools and civic organizations for specific functions and events. BEK does not donate these to individuals to use as a means of making money for personal profit or personal uses.

  • BEK Water

    BEK may make available up to 25 cases (600 bottles) to organizations and/or events.

  • Ice Cream

    BEK may donate up to 250 ice cream bars at BEK-sponsored events.

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity

    BEK may supply wireless connectivity at our discretion, based on location, existing infrastructure, and other factors.

  • Popcorn Bags

    BEK may donate up to 1000 BEK-branded popcorn bags.