What we advertise is what you can expect.

We have the awards and the performance tests to prove it.
#1 fastest fiber provider in North Dakota. Top 3 fastest internet providers in North Dakota. Top internet speeds nationwide.

We Keep Ourselves in Check

BEK deploys internet access to its subscribers through hardwired broadband access using Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) topology. BEK measures availability, latency, and aggregate utilization on the network and strives to meet internal service level targets. Using specific network performance monitoring equipment at aggregation points across our network, BEK constantly monitors and tests network performance, posting quarterly results below. Based on the information BEK receives from its network monitoring efforts, BEK’s network delivers, at least, advertised transmission rates for all internet tiers offered.

What You See is What You Get

Additionally, BEK tests each service for actual and expected access speeds at the time of network installation to demonstrate that the service is capable of supporting the advertised speed. For any speed and application performance issues caused by BEK’s network, we will dispatch repair technicians to perform speed tests, troubleshoot and resolve. Customers may also test their actual speeds using the speed test located at and may request assistance by calling our business office at 701-475-2361 or by email at


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