Calling Features

Customize your BEK phone service with the advanced, basic and downright cool features you want or need. Check out these great options.

Unlimited: Long
Distance Calling

Call person to person - anyone, anytime, anywhere in the United States from your home phone for one low monthly rate.

Areawide Calling

There's no need to dial 1-701 before calling; BEK extends the local calling area so that you can dial just 7 digits.


With a variety of phone features at your fingertips, you can customize your phone services as little or as much as you want.

Allows the subscriber to add a third party to an existing call without operator assistance.

Allows the subscriber to reject all calls that are Caller ID Blocked by a caller. The caller will be routed to a recorded message that states “We’re sorry the party you are calling does not wish to talk to callers who block their numbers, if you wish to reach this party, please hang up and place your call again without blocking your number.” This is done by dialing *82

Redirects your telephone calls to another telephone number only when your telephone line is busy.

Redirects your telephone calls to another telephone number if you do not answer your telephone call within a pre-specified number of seconds (default is 20 seconds). The number of telephone seconds before your call is forwarded is determined by you, the subscriber, but set by the telephone company.

Allows you to activate call forwarding from a location other than your home phone. By using this feature, you may dial a special code to have your calls forwarded to another telephone number.

Allows you to dial a special code to have your calls redirected from your telephone number to another telephone number. The subscriber will pay additional toll charges when forwarded to a long-distance number.

Lets the subscriber place someone on hold when they want to initiate a second call.

A tone that tells you when another call is waiting to be answered. To answer the waiting call, the subscriber presses the flash button (if no flash button, the switch hook can be used). The subscriber can cancel the call waiting option before a telephone conversation for the duration of one call by dialing a special access code, if an uninterrupted call is necessary.

When you receive a call, the telephone number calling you and the name associated with that number in the telephone company records will automatically appear on your phone or a Caller ID unit attached to your phone. If you choose to answer the call, the name and number remains on the screen until you or the caller hangs up.

Enables the subscriber to control disclosure of their telephone number and name to a subscriber of Caller ID. Calls to 911 are not affected by Caller ID Blocking.

Allows up to three unique ringing patterns, which can determine for whom a call is intended. Great for fax machines.

Allows the subscriber to prevent calls from ringing at your telephone by diverting them to a tone or recorded announcement.

Allows an incoming call to ring your phone number and up to six other phone numbers at the same time. Long-distance charges may apply when Find Me calls are answered at a long-distance number.

Enables you to call another telephone connected to your telephone line.

Tells you the telephone number of the most recent incoming call. If you want to call that number, simply press “1.”

Creates a priority ringing list of up to six numbers. When those parties call, you know it by a special ring! This affects regular ringing and call waiting tones.

Redials the last outgoing telephone number you dialed. If busy, it will continue dialing for 30 minutes. You may still make and receive other calls.

Uses a list function to store up to six directory numbers from which you receive calls. An incoming call from a directory number that is not on your list is routed to an announcement stating that the called party does not wish to receive the call.

Allows you to ensure that selected calls reach you when you are away from your home or office. Incoming calls from up to six directory numbers can be forwarded to another location. Calls from directory numbers that are not on the list can be picked up at your home or office. If you forward your calls to a distant telephone where long-distance charge applies, you will be billed the charges.

Enables the subscriber to block the last incoming call and/or calls for a maximum of ten (10) specified telephone numbers. Callers whose numbers are blocked are directed to a recorded announcement.

Allows the subscriber to create a list of up to eight (8) emergency or frequently dialed numbers which the subscriber can call by dialing a one-digit code. The one-digit code can be any number from 2 to 9.

Allows the subscriber to create a list of up to thirty (30) emergency or frequently dialed numbers which the subscriber can call by dialing a two-digit code.

The two-digit code can be any number from 20 to 49.

Prohibits any toll (e.g. long-distance) calls from being made from or charged to the subscriber’s phone number.

Allows a subscriber to make a long-distance call after having put Toll Restriction on their line. To bypass the Toll Restriction, the subscriber must dial the number followed by a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Receive messages when you are away from your phone, or when your phone is busy. Store up to 100 recorded messages, depending on the length of the message. There is no equipment to buy or maintain. Retrieve the messages from anywhere with your secure password.