Direct-to-Cloud Backup Solution

Flexible, Reliable Home and Small Business Backups, Managed 24/7/365.
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Snowden-Proof Encryption

We encrypt files with AES 256-bit encryption before being transferred over a secure SSL (AES 256 bit) to one of our top-tier data centers. For added security and privacy, we offer an exclusive, double blind encryption method that gives you, and only you, access to decrypt data.

Trust in the Cloud

By backing up your information to the cloud, you can easily access, manage and recover your data from any device via our online web portal - log in from any browser, even your tablet or smartphone.

Online Dashboard

Centralized dashboard simplifies data protection across your family and devices. Create alerts to show errors, warnings, successes, missed backups, anomalies or any combination of these.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection that proactively notifies you when the changed file count surpasses a specified threshold. These early warning can limit the amount of damage inflicted by ransomware while also pinpointing the time of infection.
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Unlimited Version History

While some providers won’t let you access every previously saved iteration of your files (e.g., only versions from the past 15 days), BEK Cloud Backup provides an unlimited version history without such restrictions.

Geolocation & Remote Wipe

Easily locate lost or stolen devices with the best virtual Sherlock Holmes. And if a laptop or mobile device gets lost or stolen, you can quickly delete critical data with push-button ease.

Easy Install

Software and apps available for all family members devices. Windows Vista to current, Mac OS X 10.8 to current, Android 2.2 to current, iOS 6.0 to current. Also, support for Linux volumes.

Setup Monitoring Alerts

Create alerts to show warnings, successes, missed backups, or any combination of these. Proactive alerts will save you time and ensure all of your family's data and devices are protected.

Test a Recovery

With BEK Cloud Backup, you can recover files and folders, even entire images, in seconds. With unlimited testing, you can even run as many test recoveries as you’d like.