Crop Damage Compensation



  1. Compensation
    BEK Communications Cooperative, Inc. will pay the landowner or renter for any crop, hay land, or pasture land damage which incurs due to our construction project. The type of crop and the length damaged will be determined the day of construction. BEK Communications will send crop damage payment to the landowner or renter in the November/December timeframe. County average yield and price will be determined using the National Agriculture Statistics Service (NASS) and local market prices.
  2. Formulas

    A. Pasture land damage shall be paid at rate of $100 per mile of running line*:

    B. Crop damage will be paid according to the following formula*:

    Yield x Commodity Value x Acres Affected = $Total Compensation

    Lost Yield: 5 Year County Yield Average + 20%

    Commodity Value: Crop Market Prices Received + 10%

    Acres Damaged: Measure the length of damage x 16 ½’ (1 rod to allow for width of machine).

    *Adjustments will be made to allow for extra damage if our equipment causes excess damage or any out of the ordinary event should happen

Crop Damage Claim Application