BEK Broadens Membership

New District

BEK Communications Cooperative is broadening the cooperative membership opportunities by adding District 5, Effective January 1, 2024.

District 5 will consist of two regions: District 5-East includes the region of Valley City and neighboring areas, and District 5-West includes Bismarck, Mandan, and its immediate surrounding areas.

Becoming a District 5 Member

  • Reside within District 5 service area which includes Bismarck, Mandan, Valley City, and their surrounding communities as reflected in the BEK Communications Cooperative District 5 map.
  • Subscribing to BEK's Internet or Phone services—including those utilizing the BEK Connect Hosted Business Phone system.
  • To become members, customers must fill out the Cooperative Membership Form as a part of the application requirement; subscribing to qualifying services (phone or internet) alone does not grant membership.

If you have any questions contact BEK Communications at 888-475-2361.