BEK Fiber Construction

Updates about the 2020 BEK fiber build.

For construction and service installation updates about your specific location, please contact us using chat or our contact page. ****

BEK West

Morton, Oliver, Burleigh, McLean, Emmons, Kidder, Logan, and McIntosh counties

  • 100% of the mainline fiber is buried to the Morton South area.
  • 100% of drops to homes and businesses are finished.
  • NID installs to new customers 100% complete.
  • South Morton fiber splicing done and network testing is underway to ensure this section of the BEK Fiber network meets our high standards.
  • Installation of individual services to South Morton homes and businesses expected to happen in 2021.

BEK East

Barnes, Griggs, Steele, and Cass counties

  • 100% of the new mainline fiber is buried for the rural Hannaford area, including the towns of Sutton, Walum, and Laverne.
  • 100% of new rural Hannaford drops are done.
  • NID installs are 100% done.
  • Fiber splicing is 100% finished.
  • Installation of individual services to the above areas is approximately 30% finished and is expected to be completed in about four weeks.


  • Construction - Process of burying fiber optic cables and connecting them to the BEK Fiber network.
  • Drop - Fiber that goes directly to the premises of a home or business.
  • Mainline - Large fiber cable, or backbone, of the network that feeds all residential and business subscribers in an area. Mainline fiber connects to BEK Headquarters, then to the internet.
  • NID Enclosure - Gray box on the side of your home/business that connects your premises to the BEK Fiber network.
  • Splicing - Method used to join two fiber cables together.

Last page update: November 9, 2020