BEK Protect

Automation and Security for What Matters Most

Protect, monitor and control your business from anywhere, any time.

Customized Security System

You select the features you want, and we tailor the solution to your specific space and needs.

Smart Business Automation and Monitoring

A variety of devices that fit your needs. Some of the most popular include:
    • Door and window sensors
    • Indoor/outdoor motion sensors/detectors
    • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
    • Flood water detectors
    • Thermostat control
    • Temp and humidity sensors
    • Light and outlet controls
    • Bio sign and pulse wave sensors
    • Live and recording cameras

Cloud-Based Convenience

Check and operate your cameras over the internet through a secure connection any time, anywhere.

Help is Right Here

BEK customer experience advocates and technicians are your neighbors. We live in your town or the next one over, so we care about what happens where you live. Get in touch and we’ll address whatever issue has come up with our equipment or service. Right away.