BEK Backup

Small-to-Medium Business and Enterprise

Flexible, Reliable Business Backups, Managed 24/7/365.
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Protect All of Your Data

With so many untethered laptops and mobile devices, IT is challenged with protecting distributed data. BEK Backup supports the most popular operating systems and protects servers, workstations, laptop fleets and mobile devices.

Anomaly (Ransomware) Detection

BEK Backup includes Anomaly Detection that proactively notifies you when the changed file count surpasses a specified threshold. These early warnings can limit the amount the damage inflicted by ransomware while also pinpointing the time of infection.

Trust in the Cloud

By backing up your information to the cloud you can easily access, manage, and recover your data from any device via our online web portal – log in from any browser, even your tablet or smartphone.

Unlimited Version History

While some providers won’t let you access every previously saved iteration of your files (e.g., only versions from the past 15 days), BEK Backup provides an unlimited version history without such restrictions.

Snowden-Proof Encryption

We encrypt files with AES 256-bit encryption before being transferred over a secure SSL (AES 256 bit) to one of our top-tier data centers. We also encrypt your data at rest within our data centers. For added security and privacy, we offer UltrasafeMAX, an exclusive, double blind encryption method that gives you and only you, access to decrypt data.

Road Warriors and Branch Offices

For many IT organizations, protecting mobile devices and laptops for remote users and branch offices is a major headache. With BEK Backup, you can protect all of your data - no matter where it resides.

Mass Deployment

You can mass deploy backup agents to mobile devices. You can even integrate your deployment with Active Directory to automatically create accounts.

Setup Monitoring Alerts

Create alerts to show errors, warnings, successes, missed backups, anomalies or any combination of these. Proactive alerts will save you time and ensure all of your organization’s data and devices are protected.
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Test a Recovery

With BEK Backup, you can recover files and folders, even entire images, in seconds. With unlimited testing, you can even run as many test recoveries as you’d like.

Microsoft Exchange

For many organizations, email is the number one mission-critical application. That’s why we offer Granular Exchange Recovery that lets you restore an entire MailStore, an individual mailbox, or individual emails, attachments or calendar objects directly back to your live Exchange store.

SQL Backup and Recovery

BEK Backup supports all industry standard SQL servers. One easy-to-use control panel gives you advanced metrics and monitoring. Create, manage, and restore your MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. BEK Backup also supports Microsoft SQL Server 2016, with its robust security, availability, and higher transactional performance.