Avast Business Products

Protect Endpoints and Mitigate Threats

Avast offers multiple products to give you visibility into your network and layers of protection against evolving threats.
Avast business antivirus

Endpoint Protection

Choose one of three levels of antivirus and malware protection for your unique mix of endpoints and platforms. Pick Antivirus for the essentials, Antivirus Pro to add secure file shredding and server protection, or choose Antivirus Pro Plus to include a password manager and Secure VPN.

Patch Management

Every minute of downtime means you lose money. Don’t let critical vulnerabilities bring your business to a halt. Use Avast Patch Management to download, test, and deploy patches across your network and stay ahead of cyberattackers.


A powerful suite of security tools aimed at small-to-medium businesses. Use a single console to do everything from monitoring threats to adjusting backups to email security and more.

Management Console

Shield your organization against potential threats with comprehensive, layered enterprise security services. Get complete visibility into your network so you can manage protection for data, devices, and users in real-time.