BEK Digital TV

Television the Way It's Supposed to Be

Unrivaled reliability, exceptional clarity and exclusive hometown coverage – BEK Digital TV can’t be beat.
Happy Children watching Television.

Fiber-Optic TV – Always On

Go ahead, click the remote: BEK Digital TV is always on. We deliver BEK Digital TV over the BEK Fiber network right to your home or business. Satellite and cable TV can’t compete with our clarity and reliability. Mother Nature can do her worst – your weather reports, news, big games and favorite shows will still be on.

Surf to Your Thumb’s Content

OK, the channel surfer isn’t always the most favorite person in the living room. Point is, with more than 350 digital channels in our lineup, you’ll have a lot to choose from. Select the package and premium channels that are just right for your family or business today!

BEK Sports: Local, Wherever You Are

Can’t make it to the big game? No problem. You can watch your kids’ or grandkids’ games no matter where you are in North Dakota. With BEK Sports, you’ll never miss a hometown buzzer-beater, touchdown or spike.

BEK Digital TV Everywhere You Go

We’re teamed up with multiple content providers to offer your favorite shows, movies, sports, comedy and much more on all your favorite devices. And it’s absolutely free with BEK Digital TV Expanded and Variety packages.
Happy family watching Television while eating popcorn.

BEK xTra: Life in a BEK Town

Get local programming you can’t find anywhere else. Our exclusive hometown television includes BEK Local Weather, BEK Life, community bulletin boards and coverage of local church services, livestock auctions and polka.

Local Tech Support

Let us know right away if you have an issue with your television service. We have a technician in your town or close by who can respond quickly.