BEK Lightband Internet

High-speed, fiber-optic gigabit internet service puts you light years ahead of cable and satellite. We have the awards to prove it.
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Wireless From Wall-to-Wall, Foundation-to-Attic

Dead spots in your house? Never again with BEK WholeHome Wi-Fi. Use mobile devices anywhere, and while walking around, without losing connection. Want to extend your BEK Lightband and Wi-Fi to a shop or garage? We do that, too!

BEK Digital TV

Television the way you’ve always wanted it. BEK Digital TV has hundreds of digital channels, plus local exclusive BEK content you won’t get anywhere else.
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BEK Phone

With BEK’s No Limits phone service, you get unlimited long distance so you can stay connected to friends and family without bursting your budget.
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BEK Protect

Control and peace of mind. BEK Protect keeps you in the know with automation, alerts and monitoring to keep your home comfortable and safe.
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BEK Watch

Monitor your home, business, shop… even the pasture and barn during calving season. See what’s happening now, in real time, and what happened hours or days earlier.
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BEK Cloud

Cloud backup solutions for your personal and home office files, Avast Ultimate anti-virus and internet security bundles, and Microsoft Office 365 for productivity.
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