Common Cents Grant Program


  1. BEK Grant Categories

    Community Outreach – Support for those services, activities and events that contribute to the economic viability, health or safety or general well-being of those residing in the community.

    Economic Development – Support for communities in their efforts to create new jobs, retain businesses and to provide incentives for prospective or newly developing industries.

  2. Focus areas of programs/projects supported by the Common Cents Grant Program
    • Emergency Services/Life Saving/ Disaster Relief
    • Educational
    • Community Health Improvements
    • Quality of Life Improvements
    • Infrastructure
    • Social & Sporting Programs
  3. Types of programs/projects normally NOT funded by the Common Cents Grant Program
    Annual appeals or membership drives; capital debt reduction; individuals or for-profit organizations; political projects; religious groups for religious purposes; and retroactive funding for any project expense incurred before the decision date.
  4. Eligibility Requirements

    Tax-exempt, nonprofit, community organizations or groups

    Within the regulated cooperative serving area


    Within the BEK Fiber served area


    Receiving BEK service(s) over BEK Fiber

  5. Application Guidelines

    Funding will be awarded twice each year. Application due dates are January 15 and July 15.

    A completed application form detailing the planned use of the grant funds must be submitted for review and approval by the BEK Board of Directors. Proposals which do not address the specific information requested will not be considered.

    A project cannot receive more than one grant during a 12-month period.

  6. Awards
    Applicants will be notified in writing of the funding decision. If your application is approved, the grant check will be made out to the organization and will be presented 2–4 weeks after notification. If awarded a grant, you may be asked to have your picture taken for the BEK newsletter and/or local newspaper.

Common Cents Grant Program Application