Multi-Location Services and Private Fiber Ethernet

Extend the power of the BEK fiber-optic network on your farm or ranch, brick-and-mortar or online business.
mechanic working with internet

Fiber-Optic to the Nth Power

You already have internet that’s among the fastest in North Dakota. Take it a little further with multi-location service (MLS) or a private fiber ethernet (PFE).

Multi-Location Services

Expand your BEK services – high-speed internet, TV, phone, surveillance cameras and security systems – to a barn, garage or shop without separate BEK Lightband plans. If you need wireless coverage in that building, ask about Workshop Wi-Fi.

Private Fiber Internet

Enhance cooperation, efficiency and productivity in your business with secure network connections between multiple locations and service centers. Choose a full 1 Gig connection or choose from lower bandwidth plans for dedicated offsite equipment (e.g., ATMs).

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