Put Your Business in Our Cloud

Secure data, program and network backups. Disaster recovery.
Antivirus protection. Microsoft Office. Less cost and hassle.

Technician maintaining BEK Cloud servers

Cloud-Based Common Sense

Cloud-based computing and backup will save your business money, time and productivity. No need to buy extra computers, drives, servers or software versions, or have your employees install or maintain them. They can use that time for profit-generating activities, instead.

Backups for Small, Medium and Enterprise Businesses

Networks and computers go down. It happens. But if you have our encrypted backup from Codero, you’ll be back on track. Fast. Learn More

Antivirus Protection

Viruses simply can’t attack your business computers when you have our Avast antivirus protection. Learn More

DRaaS: Business Recovery in 15 Minutes

Get your servers back in production within 15 minutes if - when - there’s a network or system crash. Learn More
Server rack

Hosting and I/P/SaaS

Focus on your business, not your technology. Integrate on-site applications, servers and processes with cloud-based applications, servers and processes. Your staff will all be more efficient for it. Learn More

Microsoft Office 365

Keep your employees up to date and productive with the latest versions of the Microsoft Office 365 programs they use every day. Learn More

Local Cloud Support

We’re a different kind of cloud services provider. Instead of getting stuck in a loop with support representatives who are located who knows where, give us a call and we’ll get right on it.