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A 24/7 guide on upcoming sports, news, and events on BEK TV.

Our former sports schedule has been upgraded to make it easier and more intuitive to find what's playing next with BEK.

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Changing to make it easier for you.

We combined your favorite functionality from the former schedule with features that make it easier to find you want. The results? A 24/7 schedule showcasing all of the upcoming and recent shows and events on BEK TV - not just sports. View the new BEK TV Schedule
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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that a lot has changed from how the schedule previously functioned, to how it does now. We've compiled these frequently asked questions to help you get the most out of the BEK TV Schedule.

Previously, we had a long-scrolling list where you could filter and search for upcoming games. While this greatly served our purpose for sports, it didn't fit our needs when we added news and other events into the mix.

Additionally, we wanted to provide one easy location for you to find where to watch programming, what's available to you, find where to stream, and still get all of the event details that were previously provided.

We wanted to make it as easy as possible to identify the type of shows and events. Events with green headlines are sports-related events, events with blue are news-related events, and events with white headlines are unique events that don't fit into either of those categories.

Some of our BEK content, like replay showings of previous live games, are only planned about 7-10 days in advance. When this happens, these time slots will say "Heroes & Icons Programming" for BEK TV West, "Cozi TV Programming" for BEK TV East, and "No Data Available" for BEK Sports Plus channels until it has been finalized. Once an event is finalized, it will be updated to showcase that specific information and details of that event.

We found that our consumers didn't really understand what the filters meant, so we removed them. Using the search function will allow you to search and find everything that you were able to filter by before, including date, teams, sports, and more!

Outside of the search functionality, we added several capabilities to assist with seeing only the content that matters to you. This includes being able to select your TV Provider to view only the content that is available to you, highlighting Live events, and more.

There are a variety of ways to find this! You can download the Live Sports schedule using the "Download" button, "Show Live Sports" to highlight only the live games, or search for Live events.

Select "Show News" above the guide to highlight only the upcoming news events or utilize the search functionality to showcase it.

You can order Live or Replay events on DVD for events that have played or that are currently playing, but not for events that are in the future.

If a game is currently playing or played recently, you can order this directly from the guide by selecting "Buy it on DVD" in the event details. Or, you can check out the full DVD order collection here.

When you download a Live or Replay Schedule, it shows you only the games that apply to what you've searched, filtered, or highlighted. For example, if you've searched "Basketball" and have "Midco" as your TV Provider, the downloaded schedule is only going to show you events that fit that criteria.

Here are a few other tips and tricks that explain what is showing on the schedule you downloaded:

  • If you're on a future date in the guide, the schedules will only list events on that date or forward.
  • Replay schedules only show programming that is available for two weeks ahead of what you currently have selected as the date.
  • The Live Schedule shows the games that have been scheduled for the next calendar year.