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Local Sports.
Live Statewide.

Exhilaration lives here. BEK Sports delivers more coverage of local high school and collegiate athletic events than any other broadcaster in North Dakota.
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Local is the Name
of the Game

BEK TV is the only North Dakota-owned broadcasting company operating in the state.

So is

Stay informed with national news updates between events on BEK Sports, thanks to our partnership with NewsNet.

BEK News

The regional and national stories you want. BEK News is the return of journalism without bias or opinions - just the facts.
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Where to Watch

Not sure where to Watch BEK Sports or BEK News? Find out what channels they're playing on near you.
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Over the Air Coverage

The BEK Sports network airs local content on:
  • KNDB, channel 26 in Bismarck
  • KNDM, channel 24 in Minot
  • KRDK, channel 4 in Fargo
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